KDR Carton Flow

KDR Carton Flow Parts
KDR Gravity Flow Rack Shelving units for improved picking and storage efficiency, by SSI Schaefer
KDR Gravity Flow Rack Levels for Pallet Rack Shelving for improved picking and storage efficiency, by SSI Schaefer
Schaefer has combined the traditional incline shelf and roller live storage principles in the KDR Gravity Flow Rack Shelving, creating a non-powered storage and retrieval system. You can buy a complete unit, or add levels to existing Pallet Rack Installations. Gravity flow rack reduces travel time and increases order fulfillment speed, while providing an organized, high-density storage system. Designed for fast-moving small to medium-sized parts with high volume, KDR offers a perfect blend of heavy-duty ruggedness and ergonomics, making it ideal for assembly line-side operations, and traditional first-in/first-out applications. KDR levels are fully adjustable in 0.25" high or 1" angle increments. In addition to that, width between the roller tracks is adjustable in 0.1875" increments, enabling the use of virtually any container. KDR Systems are fully compatible with Schafer Bins & Containers. KDR Gravity Flow Rack units available in stock.