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R3000 Heavy Duty Shelving units for all your Warehouse and Industrial heavy Storage requirements, by SSI Schaefer
Bulk Rack Shelving units for all manual storage requirements on your Warehouse or Distribution Center, from SSI Schaefer
Pallet Rack Shelving Units for all your palletized storage requirements in your warehouse, from SSI Schaefer
On-Line Shelving Units for all your assembly line picking and storage needs, by SSI Schaefer
KDR Gravity Flow Rack Shelving for improved picking and storage efficiency, by SSI Schaefer
Chrome Wire Shelving units for Medical, Pharmaceutical, Retail and Store applications, from SSI Schaefer
Reel Shelving
"High quality, competitive prices, easy installation and entirely made in the US, our Rivet Shelving units are an optimal storage solution to increase the efficiency and productivity of your office, warehouse or industrial business. We offer 3 different configurations and 3 deck options, particle board, wire deck and steel deck:
  • Standard. 350 lbs. max load. Single rivet beams.
  • Premium. 700 lbs. max. load. Double rivet beams.
  • Heavy Duty. 1,500 lbs. max. load. Double rivet beams and center supports.
Key features of this system are 14 gauge parts, a smooth epoxy polyester finish, the largest selection of sizes and decking options in stock on the market, 4 shipping locations nationwide and the GreenGuard Children & Schools Certification, which guarantees safe air quality in closed environments."