Rivet Shelving

Standard Rivet Shelving for Office, Retail, Home, Everyday Storage applications, from SSI Schaefer
Premium Rivet Shelving for the storage of light loads, from SSI Schaefer
Heavy Duty Rivet Shelving for Warehouse, Industrial, Office , Everyday applications, from SSI Schaefer
Record Storage Shelving units for Letter/Legal Document File Boxes, from SSI Schaefer
Accessories for Steel Shelving Units for Office, Retail, Home, Everyday Storage applications, from SSI Schaefer
Rivet Shelving Parts
"SSI SCHAEFER offers one of the most comprehensive shelving selections available on the market. All our systems guarantee high quality, competitive prices, an outstanding customer service, and a very easy installation, to increase the efficiency and productivity of your office, warehouse or industrial business:
  • Rivet Shelving. The most widely-used shelving at the most competitive prices. Entirely made in the US.
  • Wire Shelving. A classic Chrome/Antimicrobial shelving unit that never gets old, very popular in pharmaceutical, health care, food service and retail markets.
  • R3000 Industrial Shelving. The most highly engineered shelving system ever design. Made in Germany. The only one that truly grows with your future needs.
  • On-Line Gravity Shelving. This unique Shelving System, designed for continuous production on assembly lines, offers shelves angled at 15°, so workers can easily see and pick the parts they need, while new parts are supplied from the back.
  • Carton Flow Shelving. SCHAEFER has combined the traditional incline shelf and roller live storage principles in the KDR Carton Flow Rack Shelving, creating a non-powered storage and retrieval system.
  • Bulk Rack Shelving. Designed for storage areas in which goods are handled manually instead of being transported on a pallet.
  • Pallet Racking. Optimal solution for warehouses where you store a wide variety of products, thanks to the quick and direct access to every location on the shelving.
In addition to this solutions, we offer Project Management Services, from manufacturing to installation, for Pallet Racking, Mezzanines, Drive-In Systems, Drive-Thru Systems, Push Back and Flow Rack Systems, Cantilever Racks and more, and Semi-Automated Storage Solutions, like Mobile Pallet Rack, Orbiter™ Deep Channel Storage and LogiMat™ Vertical Lift Module to drastically increase your storage and picking performance while reducing your floor space and operational costs.

Contact us today to discuss your Storage Shelving needs, and experience the service of the world leader in Materials Handling and Storage Solutions.