KFB Shipping

Designed for storage and distribution, this container offers a 3:1 nest ratio for significant savings in storage space and freight costs when empty. Made by SSI Schaefer using heavy Duty FDA approved polypropylene or polyethylene to virtually last forever, these containers are very easy to clean thanks to the smooth interiors, and will resist oils and grease and are impervious to most chemicals. Reinforced rim provides extra strength and stacking capacity.

  • Made by SSI SCHAEFER using heavy Duty FDA approved
  • Specially-designed bar code fields for protection against damage and soiling
  • Ergonomically-shaped handles, smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, with optional drainage holes
  • Run with optimum smoothness through conveyor systems, can be handled from any side with automatic stacking equipment
  • Oil and grease resistant, and impervious to most chemicals
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