Storage Cabinets to protect your valuable Documents, Tools and Equipment
Storage Cabinets
Bin Cabinets keep all your small parts organized and ready to use
Bin Cabinets
Free Standing Bin Rack for the storage of Small Parts
Bin Racks
Wall Rack Plastic Bin System by Schaefer Shelving
Wall Bin Systems
Bench Rack Portable Bin System with plastic bins by Schaefer Shelving
Portable Bin Systems
Superior Quality Workbench with Drawers by Schaefer Shelving


Proper organization is key in every workshop or assembly area. Having to look for the right tools and parts has a significant impact in the efficiency and productivity of your company. In this section, we offer a great selection of equipment for your workshop or warehouse space, at the price you need with the quality you expect:

  • Storage Cabinets. Premium cabinets for the storage of valuable documents or tools. 3-point locking system with theft resistant hinges.
  • Bin Cabinets. Available with or without doors, they will keep your bins and small parts fully organized for increased efficiency and productivity. Multiple bin color combinations available.
  • Bin Racks. Maximize the storage capacity while you minimize the cost. One of the most popular systems for production, assembly or repair processes.
  • Wall Bin Systems. Increase your storage capacity without ocuppying valuable floor space. From simple rails to complex extendable systems.
  • Portable Bin Systems. For smaller applications, the perfect combination of Schaefer quality and affordable price. The hobbiest favorite!.
  • Workbenches. Increase your work areas with the highest quality workbenches on the market. Table top resists craze, mechanical distress, most chemicals, oils, acid, and more. Available with lockable drawers.

All Schaefer Workshop products meet the highest quality requirements. They have been developed for years of trouble free heavy use.

Schaefer Shelving offers Complete Consulting and Design Services for Workstations, Drawers & Cabinet Systems. Call 855.300.2636 today. Let one of our Sales Representatives or Authorized Dealers contact you to discuss your requirements and design the optimal layout for your budget, needs and available space.