Wall Bin Systems

Wall Rack Bin System, by Schaefer Shelving
Wall Rack Bin Kits
Wall Rail Bin System, by Schaefer Shelving
Wall Rail Bin Kits
Bin Rail System with Plastic Bins, by Schaefer Shelving
Bin Rails
Perma-Fix™ Louvered Panel Bin Kits in red color, by Schaefer Shelving
Perma-Fix™ Louvered Panel Bin Kits

Wall Bin Systems

Wall Bins Systems offer a quick, convenient and valuable solution to small parts storage and space limitations. Since the systems are attached to the walls, they do not take valuable floor space, which can be utilized for work areas. Bins can easily snap on/off, to move them where needed during the working process. Entirely manufactured by Schaefer, you can choose between the following options:

  • Bin Rails - Starts at $18. Simple but practical solution of rails. Bins included
  • Wall Rails - Starts at $187. Complete solution of bins and rails. Up to 70 bins included
  • Wall Racks - Starts at $210. Flexible and modular storage solution to design the system that better fits your needs. Bins included with every level.

All Bins, Rails and Kits available in stock for quick ship and convenient service.

Plastic bins are included with every kit, with 4 different bin colors to choose from, blue, red, green and yellow