Bench Racks

Bench Rack Portable Bin System with plastic bins, by Schaefer Shelving

Small parts workstation storage

Frequently used parts and supplies are kited or stored near an assembly station in the plant, office or home. In many cases, it is desirable to have a portable tool case with all the supplies necessary for a maintenance or repair job. SSI has combined several of its standard components to provide a solution for the plant engineer, the home mechanic or handyman. These packaged solutions will provide you with the right part for your job. Additionally, if you have special requirements the uprights and wall panels can be configured to meet your needs

  • Time and space saver for production, repair and assembly
  • Solid metal frame structure for strength and durability
  • Galvanized trays, with adjustable tilt for ergonomic picking
  • All Bench Racks include Bins. Plastic Bins available in 4 different colors, blue, red, green and yellow
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Stock Number Height Width Depth Extra Information Price  
Stock #: Height14 Width21 Depth7 Extra Information20 Bins (4.0"x3.8"x2.0") Included Price:
Stock #: Height14 Width21 Depth9 Extra Information15 Bins (4.3"x6.5"x3.0") Included Price:
Stock #: Height15 Width24 Depth10 Extra Information12 Bins (5.9"x9.2"x4.8") Included Price:

*Product Dimensions given are approximate values. Please check Size Chart for exact dimensions.
**Load capacity based on UDL, Uniformly Distributed Load.