Wall Rack Bin Kits

  • Designed to provide a low-cost alternative for high-volume small parts storage, wall rack systems can be extended as required.
  • Trays available in three different depths to accept containers in matching sizes
  • Upright kit includes 2 uprights and hardware. Tray kits includes 1 tray and containers
  • Plastic Bins available in 4 different colors, blue, red, green and yellow. To combine several colors in one unit, please select "Custom" color and indicate quantities and colors during checkout
  • In stock, usually ships within 48 business hours

Stock Number W" x D" x H" Shelves Extra Information Bin Qty Color Price Qty
40 2 Uprights Kit - $19.40  add to cart
25 4 4 Bin size 4x3.8x2 6 $16.60  add to cart
25 7 4 Bin size 4.3x6.5x3 6 $21.70  add to cart
25 5 4 Bin size 5.9x9.2x4.8 4 $32.70  add to cart

*Product Dimensions given are approximate values. Please check Size Chart for exact dimensions.