Industrial Shelving

Industrial Shelving units like Pallet Rack, Bulk Rack, Automotive Parts and Multi-Tier installations by SSI Schaefer

Schaefer offers a large selection of warehouse and industrial products for your warehouse needs, like Pallet Rack Shelving, Bulk Rack Shelving, Assembly Line Shelving, Multi-tier Systems, Flow Rack Systems and our special line of accessories for the Automotive Industry. These products meet all RMI Standards. Pallet Rack Shelving features universal tear drop frames cold rolled formed using US manufactured steel, lead-free environmentally friend finish, beams adjustable every 2", and a large selection of accessories like wire decking, column protectors and wall spacers. Bulk Rack Shelving, for goods manually handled, comes in a large number of sizes and decking options, including steel decking, wire decking and particle board decking. Units are also available without decking, to minimize your shipping expenses. On-Line Shelving, for continuous production on assembly lines, offers shelves angled at 15°, so workers can easily see and pick the parts they need, while new parts are supplied from the back. Browse now our selection of Industrial Shelving products to fulfill all your storage needs.

R3000 Standard Schaefer Shelving Units were developed to cover all your warehouse needs, including high bay load capacities and multi-tier mezzanine applications.

This modular shelving system can be expanded to four levels using basically the same components as in a single-level installation. Thanks to a vast range of accessories, it is also the most customizable shelving unit available, the only one that can truly change and grow with your company needs.

The R3000 Heavy Duty Shelving removes the classic distinction between modular shelving, longspan shelving and cantilever racking; one system to store everything.

And the boltless installation makes set up a fast and hassle-free process. Available in stock, ready to ship for fast and quality service. For assistance buying R3000 units, please download the R3000 Buying Product Guide, or contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.

  • Double box post configuration for maximum loading capacity, up to 10,000 lbs, regardless of height. 20 gauge steel parts
  • Pre-punched lugs on the posts allow for quick installation and shelf adjustment. No clips are needed
  • Shelves can load up to 1,000lbs thanks to the special box reinforced design and can be adjusted to tilt up to 12 degrees
  • Starter units include 2 side frames with top caps, 1 cross bracing set and shelves
  • Easy boltless-free installation. Frames shiped pre-assembled. No nuts, bolts or tools required
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