Integrated Standard Solutions

August 14, 2014
By Klaus-Dieter Wurm, VP & Managing Director of Materials Handling at SSI Schaefer

Combining Standard Solutions to Solve Complex Case and Piece Picking Challenges
Learn how you can use standard materials handling solutions - avoiding costly, time-consuming, and risky start-up pains in your Ecommerce or manufacturing operation.
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Vertical Lift Modules can reduce order picking times by 30-50%

January 30, 2014
By Klaus-Dieter Wurm, VP and Managing Director of Materials Handling at SSI Schaefer

Learn when to apply semi-automatic/dynamic VLM storage technology [and when to use traditional static storage methods such as shelf-supported mezzanines with shelf totes and shelf dividers]. Read More...
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The Better Dynamic, High-density Pallet Storage Solution – Mobile Racking

By Klaus-Dieter Wurm, VP and Managing Director of Materials Handling at SSI Schaefer

In North America, selective racking is probably the most commonly used storage method for traditional, non-automated pallet warehouses. However, due to conventional 12-foot wide aisles, selective racking is not necessarily the best utilization of space; it is certainly not the most economic storage method offering the largest possible number of pallet storage locations. Read More...
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Cold Storage Improvement with Mobile Racking

By Klaus-Dieter Wurm, March 4th 2013

In freezer warehousing, the primary cause of lift truck equipment failure is condensation caused by the constant in-and-out movement of product by lift trucks operating between the freezer’s -20⁰ F temperature and the loading dock’s ambient air temperature - which in many parts of the country can exceed 100⁰ F in the summer. Read More...
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Orbiter™ improves performance in the dock area

By Klaus-Dieter Wurm, Dec 18th 2012

Those of us in the materials handling industry are familiar with Deep Channel Storage Systems with pallet shuttles  - those 8-wheeled robotic vehicles which mechanically pick up and move pallets deep into the pallet rack channel. These shuttles collect and move pallets up to 50 pallets deep, depositing moving pallets onto pallet rails until the entire pallet channel is full. Read More...
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What Warehouse Managers and Digital Marketers Have in Common

By Mark Traphagen – November 20, 2012

When someone asks me, an experienced digital marketer, what comes to my mind when I think about marketing in recent years, I can put it in one word: acceleration. Like many things in the world today, marketing is now moving (literally) at the speed of light, through the wires and wireless connections we call the Internet. Back in the Mad Men days, executing a promotional campaign could take months to execute. Now I can write this blog post, publish it with one click, and put it before the eyes of millions through social sharing before lunch in one morning. Read more...
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