What Warehouse Managers and Digital Marketers Have in Common

By Mark Traphagen – November 20, 2012

When someone asks me, an experienced digital marketer, what comes to my mind when I think about marketing in recent years, I can put it in one word: acceleration. Like many things in the world today, marketing is now moving (literally) at the speed of light, through the wires and wireless connections we call the Internet. Back in the Mad Men days, executing a promotional campaign could take months to execute. Now I can write this blog post, publish it with one click, and put it before the eyes of millions through social sharing before lunch in one morning. Read more...
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3 Simple Metrics to Improve the Efficiency of Your Document Storage System

By: Klaus-Dieter Wurm - November 2, 2012

Here are 3 simple metrics to estimate what your current document storage system may be costing your company. These metrics will help you measure the effectiveness and economic impact of your existing storage system, and help you budget towards the changes your company needs. Read more...
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Schaefer Shelving: Our Mission Statement

By: Klaus-Dieter Wurm - November 1, 2012

As a world leader in Storage & Distribution Systems with over 75 years of experience, SSI Schaefer has helped some of the largest companies in the world reach efficiency. This world-stage knowledge however, has been somewhat inaccessible to smaller companies. With the small company in mind, the Materials Handling Division of SSI Schaefer decided to launch this blog. We want to help. Read more...
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