KLT6428 Straight Wall Container

Looking: KLT6428 Straight Wall Container | By Schaefer USA. Shop Now!
Stock # KLT6428.BL3
Dimensions 24"L x 16"W x 11"H
Load Capacity 110 LBS
Extra Information Color: Light Blue
Price: $69.90

KLT Containers are designed for manual handling and highly automated handling. The KLT Containers accommodate the most diverse methods of automated handling of any Schaefer container system. (SKU # KLT6428.BL3)

  • Designed for Manual and Highly Automated Handling
  • Heavy Duty Containers, minimal deflection
  • Lifting points for vertical lifters, two methods of horizontal extraction
  • Registration points for automated picking
  • Built-in Label Holders and Bar code areas
  • Ergonomic handles with fingertips on adjacent sides

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