KMBDH632 Stack-Nest Container with Lid

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Stock # KMBDH632.BL1
Dimensions 24"L x 16"W x 13"H
Load Capacity 110 LBS
Extra Information Color: Blue
Price: $75.30

A hinged two-section lid provides the best way of protecting your products from damage. An optional seal prevents unauthorized access to goods being transported. Lead seals can also be attached to provide additional security, as can reinforced case straps (using the grooves provided). The hinged folding lid permits secure stacking of different-sized KMB containers. The lids fold outward and lie vertically against the side of the container to permit nesting when empty. (SKU # KMBDH632.BL1)

  • Containers of different heights and sizes can be stacked on top of each other when lid is closed
  • Optimum damage protection for items being distributed
  • High level of access control with optional lock of seal
  • Additional security using band strapping in grooves
  • Vertical position of open lid ensures maximum space saving when nest
  • Hinged lids can be replaced individually
  • Available with stacking bail

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