EF Stackable Conductive Lid 12"L x 08"W

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Stock # EFD32.PP3
Dimensions 12"L x 8"W
Extra Information ESD Conductive Lid / Color: Black
Price: $6.00
Schaefer Shelving complete line of Conductive Containers protect sensitive electronic components from electrostatic fields or induced fields during production, shipping and storage. These containers are molded with a conductive carbon-filled polypropylene material to provide a barrier which these fields cannot penetrate. All containers are returnable, reusable and recyclable.12"L x 08"W EF Stackable Conductive Lid (SKU# EFD32.PP3)

  • EF Conductive Lids
  • Conductive lids give the highest level of protection
  • Please check Size Chart for exact product dimensions

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