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What is a Vertical Lift Module?

A Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is an automated storage and retrieval system. It follows the storage principle of Goods-to-Men, where is the product that travels and not the employee.

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A VLM vs Traditional Shelving Systems

Reduced Space

A Vertical Lift Module (VLM) effectively increases the utilization of your warehouse space, up to 90% when compared to traditional storage systems.
With eight different model widths in two model depths and an available machine height of up to nearly 70 feet, it can be optimized to fit the space conditions.

Improved Picking

Self-supporting mezzanine systems provide plenty of flexibility in outfitting your warehouse. The layout and construction of the racking systems and workstations on the platforms can be adjusted to changing requirements.
Our systems have optimized plug-in and screwed joints, and therefore allow on-site assembly without any welding. For our customers, this results in a quick implementation.

Controlled Stock

A Vertical Lift Module minimizes order picking errors through computer-controlled processes. It also provides full traceability of inventory movements. Access to trays can be restricted based on user permission, which provides secure storage for valuable and important goods.
The VLM can be used as an autonomous system or integrated into your ERP for a wider storage and picking application.

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SSI SCHAEFER LogiMat® vs other VLMs

Ask us! Vertical Lift Module Systems. Logimat System. Free-Standing System. SSI Schaefer.

Ergonomic Design

The LogiMat® VLM ergonomic design provides a safe and efficient environment for improved efficiency.

The optional LogiTilt® is a tilt mechanism for the tray, reducing the reach depth.

With the optional LogiWork®, the height of the tray delivered to the employee can be adjusted for optimal picking, and programmed into the system for automatic adjustment in the future.

Pinion Gear Drive

The LogiMat® Vertical Lift Module from SSI SCHAEFER features an exclusive rack and pinion gear system, that prevents common misalignments due to standard belts and chains, and drastically reduces downtimes and required maintenance.
The tray lifter moves up and down on the steel columns, driving trays with engineered precision every time.

24/365 Support

On-Call Engineers for Remote Support 24 hours, 365 days, Worldwide. With customer-specific service and maintenance models as well as innovative spare parts concepts, the service team ensures minimal standstill times, maximum operational reliability and a high degree of customer satisfaction. From 3 different modules, select the service and maintenance concept that best meets your specific needs. Range of services:

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Remote Access and Support
  • On-Site Access and Support
  • Racking inspection/safety checks
  • Spare parts management
  • Modernization/repair/retrofitting
  • Documentation, Training/certification

  • Optional Features

    • LogiPointer: The Logimat® can be equipped with a laser pointer system to identify picking position making order picking even easier.
    • LogiLift: LogiLift is an operating opening with continuous height adjustment to ensure an ergonomically correct removal height for each worker.
    • LogiTilt: LogiTilt is a tilt mechanism for the ergonomic removal of goods and reduces operator reach depth.
    • LogiSafe: LogiSafe is an electrically-driven locking door, ideal in particular for valuable goods.
    • LogiGuard: LogiGuard protects the operating opening with the aid of a light curtain.

    Software Packages

    • LogiSoft Basic: The simple solution for direct tray access.
    • LogiSoft Advanced: The ideal software solution for article management of one or more LogiMat®.
    • LogiSoft Connect: The secure software solution for one or more LogiMat® with linkup to a higher level ERP system.
    • LogiSoft Enterprise: The compact software solution for comprehensive storage and goods flow processes.

    Ask us! Vertical Lift Module Systems. Logimat System. Free-Standing System. SSI Schaefer.

    Watch SSI SCHAEFER LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module in action!

    The LogiMat, a goods-to-man picking, space-saving, vertical lift storage system ideal for small parts storage offering a high order picking performance, was part of an interactive live demonstration of parts picking, transport and assembly for visitors at the IMHX show.

    IMHX March 2013, NEC Birmingham with Aaron Thornton.

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