SF CONTAINER. Strong enough for even the toughest applications
ELB Light Duty Straight Wall Container ELB.4220, by SSI SCHAEFER
Euro-Fix Containers for food, industrial, distribution processes, by SSI Schaefer
LTB Lids
14/6 Stackable Containers for industrial and food processing applications, by SSI Schaefer
Schaefer's largest family of multi-purpose containers, Stackable Containers are design for storage, distribution and work-in process applications, and have demonstrated its financial value by reducing shipping costs and eliminating the cost of purchasing and disposing of cardboard containers. At the same time, SSI containers reduce the impact on our environment. Regular stack, cross stack, trans stack, we have the right solution for your material handling needs. Maximize your storage space and flexibility while you minimize your costs. US manufactured, these containers are injection-molded from high-density polypropylene or polyethylene to meet the most stringent quality requirements. Multiple colors and sizes available in stock for fast and quality service.