R3000 Industrial

R3000 Heavy Duty Shelving units for all your Warehouse and Industrial heavy Storage requirements, by SSI Schaefer
R3000 Tire Rack
Heavy Duty Shelving Units Industrial and Warehouse Storage applications, by SSI Schaefer
R3000 Cantilever Storage
R3000 Vertical Storage
Customize you Shelving unit with our vast range of accessories, by SSI Schaefer

R3000 multi-funcional shelving system for all storage tasks. The frame design and variable stacking system without fixed base, top or intermediary shelves or horizontal beams permit a completely free configuration of the shelving bays within the 53 mm-pitch.

R3000 Shelving removes the classic distinction between modular shelving, long-span racking and cantilever racking. One system to store everything. It can be extended at a later date and is fully versatile. We could not have come up with a more flexible solution to your changing storage requirements.

The closed special profile of the uprights has conical grooves on both front sides which enable bracket pockets and cross braces to be fitted without play. Shelves are hung from lug molding on the sides. The front and sides are punched to enable the mezzanine support elements to be easily attached. The shelf sizes can be altered by repositioning shelves and horizontal beams. Available in bay widths of 750, 994mm and 1,282mm.

Multi-tier Shelving installations can be created using standardised building components, thus optimising the storage capacity right up to the roof. The shelf loading capacity of up to 10,000 lbs make the R3000 Shelving System ideal for constructing multi-tier racking systems with mezzanine floors.