Waste Containers

Schaefer Shelving is proud to present our family of RFID Ready Roll-Out Waste and Recycling Containers for industrial, commercial and domestic use. At the office, they are an economical and practical solution for recycling paper, bottles and cans. In a plant or commercial area, containers keep the place clean and odor free, significantly improving working conditions. Entirely made by SSI Schaefer in the US, these Waste Containers are injection molded for maximum strength and durability. Available in a variety of sizes, colors and models to accommodate all types of dumping systems, including a D.O.T. approved container for handling, storing and shipping hazardous medical waste.

  • US manufactured with injection-molded polyethylene under strict ANSI guidelines
  • 270° opening overlapping lid for rain protection. Inside dripping rim for odor sealing
  • Maintenance-free bearing lubricated for life
  • RFID and barcode ready
  • Available in green, blue & charcoal
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Stock Number Height Width Depth Load Capacity Extra Information Price  
Stock #: Height39 Width23 Depth22 Load Capacity125 LBS Extra Information8" Wheels Price:
Stock #: Height42 Width26 Depth27 Load Capacity220 LBS Extra Information10" Wheel Price:
Stock #: Height47 Width28 Depth31 Load Capacity330 LBS Extra Information12" Wheels Price:

*Product Dimensions given are approximate values. Please check Size Chart for exact dimensions.
**Load capacity based on UDL, Uniformly Distributed Load.
Stock Number Height Width Depth Extra Information Price Quantity
Stock #:LID095.BL1 Height:3 Width:28 Depth:31 Extra Information:Blue Color Price:
**Load capacity based on UDL, Uniformly Distributed Load.