Plastic Pallets & Top Caps

Plastic Pallets for all your Warehouse, Industrial and Shipping needs, by Schaefer Shelving

Polypropylene pallets are ideally suited for carrying heave loads. The stacked pallets can be handled by manual or automated aisle stacker crane with telescope or fixed forks.

Pallets can be easily stacked hen empty or full

Low weight and low structural height makes these pallets suitable for multi-way transport

Top caps structurally molded of high -density polyethylene. Lightweight, user friendly design reduces pallet-related injuries. 100% recyclable at the end of their use life.

  • Manufactured with structural foam for long-term durability
  • Plastic Pallets and Top Caps nest for efficient storage
  • Top Caps design includes provision for strapping or seat belts
  • Top caps allow secure multi-level stacking of loads
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Stock Number Height Width Depth Load Capacity Extra Information Price
Stock #: Height5 Width45 Depth48 Load Capacity2000 LBS Extra InformationColor: Black Price:
Stock #: Height3 Width45 Depth48 Load Capacity Extra InformationTop Cap, Black Price:

*Product Dimensions given are approximate values. Please check Size Chart for exact dimensions.
**Load capacity based on UDL, Uniformly Distributed Load.