Warehouse Storage Systems

Systems for Small Parts


We are a market leader in the field of planning and implementing static and dynamic integrated storage solutions and logistics systems. For over 75 years we have offered design, consultation, development and installation services for every industry and need.


  • In-house design and manufacturing. More than 50 Sales Representatives, 85 Technicians and a very extensive network of dealers.
  • Cutting-edge manufacturing technology, which enables us to provide the highest quality at very competitive prices. 2 production plants in the US.
  • Full range of services, from initial consulting and planning, to production, implementation and ongoing system maintenance.
  • Decades of international sector-specific project-based experience.
  • We focus on maximizing efficiency and ROI.
  • As an family-owned company, we can act with complete freedom and control in purchasing and financing aspects.


  • Guarantee of choosing the best solution: because SSI SCHAEFER can offer you any storage or logistics system, you have the guarantee that you will be choosing the one that better fits your needs.
  • Individual solutions from a single source. SSI SCHAEFER will manage your entire project, reducing the impact for your daily operations
  • Lifetime & global partnership: Our own teams locally around the world ensure we will be ready when you are.
  • Maximum project reliability thanks to our financial independence most Fortune 100 Companies and tens of thousands of small and midsize companies already rely on Schaefer’s expertise & solutions.