Bins & Containers

Plastic Bins for the daily storage of small parts, by SSI Schaefer
Plastic Bins
Stackable Containers for multiple applications, like Food Processing, Warehouse Storage, Automation Systems, by SSI Schaefer
Stackable Containers
Stack & nest Containers to save significant costs in storage and returns, by SSI Schaefer
Stack & Nest Containers
Collapsible Containers to minimize return freights and empty storage costs, by SSI Schaefer
Collapsible Containers
New Collapsible Bulk Containers design to save additional 12.5% on return freight costs, by SSI Schaefer
Collapsible Bulk Containers
Waste Containers for Household, Medical, Residential and Industrial applications, by SSI Schaefer
Waste Containers
Conductive Containers to protect your electronic components from electrostatic fields, by SSI Schaefer
Conductive Containers
Plastic Pallets for all your Warehouse, Industrial and Shipping needs, by Schaefer Shelving
Plastic Pallets & Top Caps
Steel Containers will support the toughest requirements, by SSI Schaefer
Steel Containers

Bins & Containers

Schaefer Family of Bins & Containers is the result of an ongoing research into industry trends, optimal designs and potential savings to better serve our customers. Today, Schaefer's product range is one of the largest available on the market. From ergonomically design plastic bins for manual handling to high quality containers for automated systems, all our plastic products are injection molded from high-density polypropylene or polyethylene to provide the highest quality and performance under any circumstances:

  • Most containers can stack, interstack or even cross-stack for maximum storage flexibility
  • They cube out shelving space to maximize storage
  • They can be recycled at the end of their life cycle to reduce the impact on the environment

Choose from Stackable Bins, Shelf Bins, Stackable Containers, Stack & Nest Containers, Transport Containers, Returnable Containers, Bulk Containers, Steel Containers, Collapsible Containers, Custom Made Containers, Interior Dunnage, Containers for Automated Systems, ….. and many more.

We can also custom hot stamp your containers with your company name or logo, starting at 50 containers minimum.