NFT4845 Collapsible Bulk Container Top

Looking: NFT4845 Collapsible Bulk Container Top | By Schaefer USA. Shop Now!
Stock # NFT4845.000
Dimensions 48"L x 45"W x 3"H
Extra Information Top Cap, Black
Price: $90.00

Top Cap are designed to provide maximum flexibility within the 48" x 45" footprint. Utilized with the cardboard or plastic corrugated sleeves, the half pallet system is ideal for applications that require neither the strength not the volume of a collapsible bulk box. (SKU # NFT4845.000BK1)

  • Manufactured with structural foam for long-term durability
  • Top Caps nest for efficient storage
  • Design includes provision for strapping or seat belts
  • Top caps allow secure multi-level stacking of loads

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