60"W Bulk Rack Beam Parchment

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Stock # HBSB.60P
Dimensions 60"W
Extra Information Beam Parchment
Price: $27.40
Bulk Rack Shelving is designed for storage areas in which goods are handled manually instead of being transported on a pallet. The stepped beam design can accommodate a wide range of decking options, including steel decking, wire decking and particle board decking, with almost twice the loading capacity of standard shelving units, up to 3,000 lbs. per shelf. Easy to adjust levels give flexibility for distribution centers with a large range of SKUs and skid sizes. Manufactured in the US. 60"W Bulk Rack Beam Parchment (SKU# HBSB.60P)
  • Beams shall be fabricated from 14 gauge cold rolled steel and formed into a channel shape with double bends at top and bottom and includes slots for front-to back braces.
  • Two prong brackets for attachment to vertical uprights shall be fabricated from 10 gauge steel and be welded to both ends of beams.

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