EFD 43H Hinged Lid 16"L x 12"W

Looking: EF Stackable Container Hinged Lid 16"L x 12"W  | By Schaefer USA. Shop Now!
Stock # EFD43H.
Dimensions 16"L x 12"W
Load Capacity 55 LBS
Extra Information Colors: Grey / Red
Price: $7.30
EF Straight wall stacking container hinged lid, our most versatile line for storage and distribution, available in solid and mesh versions. Schaefer's complete line of stack-only containers for storage, distribution and work-in-process applications. They are resistant to most oils and acids and can withstand temperature extremes, making them ideal for a variety of different applications. Made of high-density polyethylene the EF containers can be securely stacked with a stacking load of up to 1,320 lbs. Smooth base and interior permit filling to maximum capacity. 16"L x 12"W (SKU# EFD43H.)

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