144"W x 48"D Pallet Rack Beam Level With Wire Decking

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Stock # HPRL.48144W
Dimensions 144"W x 48"D
Load Capacity 4900 LBS
Extra Information Beam Level with Wire Decking
Price: $723.00
Pallet Rack Industrial Shelving was designed so the beams support the pallet weight, without the need to any additional decking. Maintaining a standard pallet size throughout your warehouse can bring substancial savings when desiging your storage system. For maximum savings buy Pallet Rack Shelving units with no decks. Complete units, so inexperienced buyers do not have to deal with multiple and individual parts, always subject to mistakes. This US Manufactured Pallet Rack Shelving meets and exceeds all RMI standards. Universal Tear Drop frames for maximum interlock with existing installations. Beams feature the patented Bowlock® safety clip for increased safety. Bowlock® cannot be sprung or removed without first removing the beam but requires no special tools. Standard colors are green uprights with orange beams. Lead-free environmentally friend finish. Starter unit includes 2 side frames and 2 beam levels (3 included on 12'+ high units). Easy installation, frames ship assembled. Ships directly from manufacturer. 144"W x 48"D Pallet Rack Beam Level With Wire Decking (SKU# HPRL.48144W)
  • US Manufactured, meet and exceed all RMI standards
  • Step beam accomodates all types of decking
  • Compatible with universal Tear Drop frames

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