EFB 643 Mesh Bottom Stack & Nest Container

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Stock # EFBB643.
Dimensions 24"L x 16"W x 12"H
Load Capacity 70 LBS
Extra Information Mesh Base / Solid Sides. 4 Colors
Price: $71.10

EFB Containers are one of the strongest stack and nest containers made out of recyclable thermoplastic material like polypropylene. Designed to withstand industial use, they can be used in any application requiring great stacking stength and efficient storage when empty.

The first step towards creating the ideal reusable container system is an in-depth analysis of all potential efficiency savings in the logistics chain. We use these findings and our extensive experience to select the right container for our customers’ unique needs.

When it comes to saving space and storage costs, our EUROFIX range is a firm favourite. Turned through 180 degrees, the containers nest one inside the next – to take up around 75 per cent less space on empty return journeys or when not in use. EFB containers of any height can be stacked together.

In addition, the range is suitable for both manual applications and conveyor systems, ensuring efficiency every step of the way. The containers have standard Euro dimensions, and are also available with lids. (SKU # EFBB643.)

  • Made by SSI SCHAEFER using heavy Duty FDA approved HDPE
  • They cube 48x40 pallets
  • Available in green, blue, yellow and red
  • Built-in 3" x 2.25" label holder, and protected bar code areas
  • Easy to clean, oil and grease resistant, and impervious to most chemicals

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