About Schaefer Shelving

Mission Statement

Help companies handle their supply chain, logistics, and storage processes more intelligently and efficiently, thus enabling them to grow stronger and faster.

Schaefer Shelving is part of SSI Schaefer Systems International, Inc., US division of SSI Schäfer GmbH. For over 75 years, the combination of pioneering spirit and responsive market orientation has been the essential driving force behind the SCHAEFER group success helping our customers improving their supply chain, logistics, storage and distribution processes, simply becoming better companies. These years of experience, direct involvement in the world’s marketplace, and intense cooperation with customers are the foundation for our expertise. Today, with 16 production plants and a worldwide distribution network, Schaefer is available to you in over 50 countries.

Whether you’re ready to put your business goals on paper or in production, Schaefer serves as your global logistics partner. With tens of thousands of projects around the world, we bring unparalleled experience and know-how to each customer. The Schaefer group of companies offer tailor-made solutions for the most diverse requirements. This alliance positions SCHAEFER as the major supplier and systems integrator for all types of automated warehousing and distribution systems, including automated storage/retrieval systems, conveyor integration, picking solutions, software for shop floor control, sorter and pick to voice and automated mixed case picking. We’re involved in all aspects of a project, from feasibility studies and cost analyses to design, engineering, project management, construction supervision, after-sales service, and maintenance. Regardless of size or complexity, each installation is customized to its specific application and engineered for future growth. Our real objective is to meet, fulfill and, where possible, exceed the expectations of our customers.

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm EST