Introducing Orbiter™, the Revolutionary Deep Channel Storage System

Orbiter™ is compatible with most traditional forklift systems on the market
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Let it Drive for you

ORBITER™, by SSI Schaefer, is the result of years of extensive product research, design and development. Once again, Schaefer has been able to improve an existing solution on the market to eliminate the biggest flaws found in similar products ORBITER™ is the first deep channel storage system that does not operate on batteries, eliminating downtime due to continuous battery replacements. It is also designed with an innovative lifting mechanism without hydraulics, one of the most common failures on this equipment. Download our product brochure now for more information and technical specifications.

Business Case Study

Learn how Frinavarra, a company that specializes in the storage of fruit and vegetables, implemented ORBITER™, by SSI Schaefer, to manage the high seasonal volumes of goods found in this industry. Find out how this solution allowed the company to handle their high throughput and temperature-controlled processes reliably, flexibly, dynamically and – most importantly – automatically.

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General Advantages

  • Enhanced Safety for the forklift driver
  • Less damage to racks
  • Capacity to store higher number of different SKU's
  • No special forklifts are needed
  • Higher Storage capacity (channels can be longer)
  • Less forklift aisles and a smaller warehouse footprint
  • Lower operational costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Lower products damage rates
  • Reduction in lighting requirements