BulkStac™ Pallet Bulk Containers by Schaefer set a
new standard in the packaging industry.

Bulk Container from SSI Schaefer with 4 access doors closed Bulk Container from SSI Schaefer with 4 access doors open
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Designed for efficiency and high performance, BulkStac™ Containers offer advantages that really stack up. 34” & 25” containers collapse to a 12.75” height, allowing them to be stacked 9 high, for a total of 234 per truck load. Compared to 208 industry standard, the extra capacity represents 12.5% additional savings in return freight costs. BulkStac™ containers also feature:
  • 8 drain holes in deck floor to prevent moisture
  • Lighter tare weight than competition
  • Wider access door opening than competition
  • Large 5.25”x13.5” label area per wall. Slots for Kanban card holders. Able to place 2 AIAG 4.5”x6.5” placards side by side
  • Added Radii in feet corners to prevent cracking or splitting
  • Modified fork opening to withstand impact from forklifts

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