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What is Bulk Containers?

SSI SCHAEFER provides a comprehensive approach to preparing goods in the warehouse to ship by offering solutions that allow products to be sorted and buffered as well as systems for optimum palletizing.

Reusable Bulk Containers. Efficient, Design, Visibility, Integration. Contact us! SSI Schaefer.
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Warehouses with Reusable Bulk Containers. Quality Reusable Bulk Containers. SSI Schaefer.

Advantages of SSI SCHAEFER Bulk Containers


Compared to the industry standard of 208 containers per truckload, our customers cut freight costs by 12.5%. Our innovatively designed container base has a flat deck and provides more usable internal cube than comparable containers. Bulk Containers also provides stability with our periphery runner design, eliminating the need for a center foot which can damage product in the container below. No other bulk shipping container in the industry combines as many benefits, making Bulk Containers ideal for multiple applications in industries such as Automotive, Appliance, Agriculture, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, and Electronics.


  • Wider access door openings than comparable boxes on the market
  • Banding slots on 45" walls
  • Large ID tag on base center foot on 48" side = 9.0 x 3.3"
  • Large 5.25 x 13.5" label area per wall – accepts two placards side-by-side or a KanBan cardholder
  • Fill line mark 1" below top rim
  • Rated for 2,000 lb. loads
  • Integrated door hinges using injection molded push pins for easy replacementider access door openings than comparable boxes on the market.
Reusable Bulk Containers. Contact us! SSI Schaefer.

SSI SCHAEFER Bulk Containers specs


  • 12.75" collapsed stack height allowing for 234 containers on return shipments
  • Option of access doors on all 4 sides for 34", 42", 45" and 50" heights
  • 25.6" and 33.8" erected heights for standard containers provide maximum utilization of truck volume
  • 8 drain holes in deck floor to prevent moisture collection
  • Banding slots on 45" walls Ergonomic
  • Lighter tare weight than competitive boxes
  • Wider access door opening than competitive containers
  • Molded-in finger tabs on walls for easy container set up
  • One-piece snap-in release latches
  • Integrated door hinge using 4 injection-molded push pins

Enhanced Visibility

  • Large center feet accept ID plates up to 8.9" wide by 3.3" tall
  • Large 5.25" × 13.5" label area per wall
  • Able to place two AIAG 4.5" x6.5" placards side by side
  • Slots for AFCH08 kanban cardholders
  • Added screw holes and positioning lines in label area to accommodate multiple label systems

Engineered Design

  • One-piece base and fork straps
  • Modified fork opening to withstand impact from forklifts
  • Added radii in feet corners to prevent cracking or splitting
  • Optimized base design allows only minimal deflection
  • No center foot on the base eliminates potential product damage in the container below, due to deflection past product fill line

Watch SSI SCHAEFER Bulk Containers in action!

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We develop innovative products and made-to-measure solutions that provide our customers with the efficient organization of their goods for storage and transport. Our range assures our customers of short, direct routes to products and solutions.
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Warehouses with Reusable Bulk Containers. Quality Reusable Bulk Containers. SSI Schaefer.
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