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What is Shipping Containers?

SSI SCHAEFER provides a comprehensive approach to preparing goods in the warehouse to ship by offering solutions that allow products to be sorted and buffered as well as systems for optimum palletizing.

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Advantages of SSI SCHAEFER Shipping Containers

AF Shipping Containers

A family of returnable, stackable containers to efficiently transport goods. Sized to fit a standard 48" × 45" pallet, they make optimal use of 102" O.D. wide trailers. Transtac™ is one of the best means of transportation between an assembler and its suppliers.
AF Containers also come in a variety of versions: ventilated bottoms, ventilated sidewalls, reinforced bottoms and with detached lids. The AF Transtac containers are the original industry standard and are perfect for heavy duty, demanding applications.

AF Returnable Containers

They are AF containers with a bottom design which permits cross stacking, regardless of container size. This results in less handling time and labor at line side, and significant cost savings. Heights are calculated to add up to a level pallet load, regardless of how the containers are stacked. For the shipper this means less time is needed to cube a pallet efficiently.

Reusable Shipping Containers. Contact us! SSI Schaefer.

Reusable Shipping Containers. Contact us! SSI Schaefer.

NF Containers

from Schaefer Systems International maximize functionality and minimize handling with features tailor-made for the automotive industry. Based on AIAG standard sizes, NF Containers meet NAFTA specifications. Molded out of Polypropylene, impact resistance is improved so damage and warranty claims are reduced. NF Containers feature ergonomic handles on two sides and fingertip handles on adjacent sides. Its newly designed sidewall and rimless option provide uninterrupted surfaces for placards - no more wrapping around rims, losing usable surface area. The 4-inch tall totes boast a patented label pocket which allows 4.0 x 6.5" KanBan cards to fit entirely within the sidewall, protected from folding damage or accidental removal.

AF Containers Specs

  • Over 50 models, six footprints
  • Heights from 4" to 14"
  • Standard AF containers come with solid walls and solid textured bottoms
  • Ergonomic handles on two sides
  • Fingertip handles on adjacent sides
  • Large, flat identification areas
  • Optional molded-in cardholder where clearance permits
  • Based on AIAG standard sizes
  • Meet NAFTA specifications
  • Compatible with 48" × 45" pallet system
  • Automatic positioning, lifting and identification features
  • Made of HDPE for excellent strength and durability
  • Standard colors: charcoal, blue, green and light gray

NF Containers Specs

  • Lightest weight totes per size in industry
  • Available in 17 sizes
  • 3 bottom designs to choose from: Smooth, Crosstac™ or Crosspad
  • Patented label pocket to protect KanBan cards
  • Finger cutout provides easy access for KanBan card removal
  • Improved impact strength
  • 100% compatible with existing box lines
  • Rimless versions and smooth sidewall contours for optimal placard application
  • Drain holes available

Watch SSI SCHAEFER Shipping Containers in action!

AF Straight-wall Containers meet AIAG standards. Schaefer is the only one who offers it in a ventilated version.
AF Containers are used for storage and transportation applications. It is a favorite of the Automotive Industry Action Group and meets all NAFTA requirements.
It has also found uses in industries like electronics where it is used in closed loop logistics systems. The AF Tote is a heavy duty container with 1/8" thick walls and ergonomic pocket handles. Some accessories include dust cover lids and snap in card holders.
The AF Containers were designed to cube out the AIAG 48" x 45" pallets.
Any size can be ordered in an ESD material to protect your electronic components.
The AF Container is a heavy duty, versitile hand held tote that can be used in multiple industries and applications.

Warehouses with Reusable Shipping Containers. Quality Reusable Shipping Containers. SSI Schaefer.
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