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What is a Mini Load System?

A Mini Load AS/RS System is an automated storage and retrieval solution for small parts. It is designed to maximize vertical space utilization, minimize footprint and provide short access times to stored goods.

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Advantages of a SSI SCHAEFER Mini Load System

Inventory Control

The SSI SCHAEFER Mini Load Crane not only provides improved inventory reliability and optimization that can be adjusted to your individual warehousing strategy, but also creates a safe environment for the storage of sensitive or valuable goods.

Quality Construction

Due to SSI SCHAEFER's in-house production and expertise, all machines and components of the Mini Load Crane undergo detailed, comprehensive testing at our 45,000 sq.ft.
Technology Center in Germany. This ensures that our products are of the highest quality and not prone to wear.

24/365 Support

On-Call Engineers for Remote Support 24 hours, 365 days, Worldwide. With customer-specific service and maintenance models as well as innovative spare parts concepts, the service team ensures minimal standstill times, maximum operational reliability and a high degree of customer satisfaction. From 3 different modules, select the service and maintenance concept that best meets your specific needs. Range of services:

  • Regular Maintenance
  • Safety Inspections
  • Remote Access and Support
  • On-Site Access and Support
  • Racking Inspection/Safety Checks
  • Space Parts Management
  • Modernization/Repair/Retrofitting
  • Documentation, Training/Certification

Watch SSI SCHAEFER Mini Load Systems in action!

With SSI SCHAEFER Miniload Crane (SMC), we completely cover rack automation for totes, cartons, and trays and presents the ideal solution for maximum use of vertical storage while using very little floor space. Since there are a variety of load handling devices to choose from, there are almost no restrictions to the form and surface of the items to be stored or buffered.

The sophisticated construction of the SMC is geared toward maximum value for the customer. The continuous use of premium steel guarantees high durability and contingency reserves with concurrently low costs. Due to the diagonal bracing of the mast, a lower weight, higher dynamic and a higher throughput is also achieved. The design is unique and significant. The traveling unit with steel-rail and the Omega-drive is entirely designed for high availability and low wear.

The Green Energy-Efficient SSI SCHAEFER Mini Load Crane

KERS System

SSI SCHAEFER Mini Load Cranes incorporate the latest innovations in energy efficient technology. The Kinetic Energy Recovery System feeds some of the energy dissipated during the braking process of the crane back into the grid.

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The software control adjusts the crane acceleration and speed required to meet the throughput and material flow demand. This process reduces energy consumption and materials stress, decreasing abrasion and extending the life of all the components.

Mini Load Systems. Certification Blue Competence Alliance Member. SSI Schaefer.

Innovative Design

Direct current power pool of drive controls and energy-optimized overlapping of movements in order to transfer brake-energy of one drive into drive-energy for the other. Accompanying balance weights for the lift reduce the use of energy up to 25%.

Mini Load Systems. ISO 9001 Certified. SSI Schaefer.

Perfect Solution for:

  • Optimizing the storage volume
  • Enhanced stock accuracy and optimization
  • Adapting to your individual storage strategy
  • Secure storage of sensitive or valuable goods
  • High availability
  • Short order flow times
  • Flexible adaptations to modified logistics paramenters and processes
  • Relieving employees from physically demanding tasks
  • High work safety
  • Reduced personnel costs

The sophisticated construction of the SMC is designed for maximum customer convenience. The consistent application of high-quality steel guarantees high durability and safety while incurring only minimal costs.
Since the SMC control is also produced by SSI SCHAEFER it can be customized, for instance, to adjusted behavior while accelerating and braking.

Technical Data

Series SMC1

  • Height up to 18m
  • Width of aisles 850-1,500mm
  • Load max. 100Kg
  • Storing Single, double and multifold deep
  • Traveling Speed up to 5m/s
  • Acceleration up to 4m/s
  • Hoisting Speed up to 4m/s
  • Temperature Range -30C to +45C (not condesing)

Series SMC2

  • Height up to 24m
  • Width of aisles 900-1,500mm
  • Load max. 300Kg
  • Storing Single, double and multifold deep
  • Traveling Speed up to 5m/s
  • Acceleration up to 4m/s
  • Hoisting Speed up to 4m/s
  • Temperature Range -30C to +45C (not condesing)

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