EFB Heavy Duty

EFB Stack & Nest Containers

Our strongest Stack and Next Container, designed for food processing, industrial and distribution applications, securely stack when full and nest when empty to minimize freight and storage costs. Made by SSI Schaefer using heavy Duty FDA approved polypropylene or polyethylene to virtually last forever, these containers will resist oils and grease and are impervious to most chemicals. Reinforced rim provides extra strength and stacking capacity. Available in 4 popular colors, blue, red, green and yellow. Lids and labels, for easy part identification, are available.

  • Three sizes, three heights, one footprint
  • Made of polypropylene, FDA approved
  • Available in green, blue, yellow and red
  • Available in Mesh versions, and in four popular colors, yellow, red, blue and green
  • Oil and grease resistant, and impervious to most chemicals
  • Optional Lids latch securely into place
  • Popular mold options include mesh on sides and base
  • Compatible with Euro-pallet and 48" x 40" pallet
  • All three containers interstack and nest with each other
  • Ergonomic handles can be grasped from the side or top
  • Built-in 3" x 2.25" label holder
  • Large, protected hot stamp areas
  • Protected bar-code areas
  • Easily conveyed on textured bottom
  • Easy to clean
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Stock Number Length Width Height Load Capacity Extra Information Price
Stock #: Length24 Width16 Height16 Load Capacity70 LBS Extra InformationMesh Base / Solid Sides. 4 Colors Price:
Stock #: Length24 Width16 Height16 Load Capacity70 LBS Extra InformationSolid Base and Sides. 4 Colors Price:

*Product Dimensions given are approximate values. Please check Size Chart for exact dimensions.
**Load capacity based on UDL, Uniformly Distributed Load.
Stock Number Length Width Extra Information Price Quantity
Stock #:EFBD. Length:20 Width:16 Extra Information:Solid Lid. 4 Colors Price:
**Load capacity based on UDL, Uniformly Distributed Load.