R3000 Cantilever Tray 16"

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Stock # R3CT1
Extra Information Cantilever Tray
Price: $102.90
Galvanized sheet steel. Depth exterior 15.75", interior 15.20". Load bearing capacity 110Lbs/bay. R3000 Cantilever Tray 16" (SKU# R3CT1)
  • Load Capacity 330Lbs per base and upright, incl base shelf, 110Lbs per cantilever arm
  • Height pitch 2" cantilever brackets with insert slope of 10 grades
  • System design cantilever racking design
  • Double face racking made from uprights placed one beside the other and 3 frame connectors
  • Margin-Free insertion of beams by means of tapered grooves on both fronts

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