R3000 Cross Brace for 48"-50" units

Looking: R3000 Cross Brace for 48"-50" units | By Schaefer USA. Shop Now!
Stock # CB503
Dimensions 48"W
Extra Information Cross Bracing
Price: $20.20
R3000 Cross Bracing kits increase lateral stability of the units. They are easy to install and adjust. No nuts, bolts or clips are required. Cross bracing Kits are included with every Starter unit, and are recommended with every third add-on unit for increased stability. For assistance buying R3000 units, please download the R3000 Buying Product Guide, or contact one of our Customer Service Representatives. R3000 Cross Brace for 48"-50" units (SKU# CB503)
  • Add one Cross Bracing Kit every third bay for improved safety and stability, specially in seismic areas
  • Easy to install and adjust, no tools or bolts are required
  • Back-to-back units share a common kit
  • Cross Bracing Kits in stock, ship within 48 business hours
  • Please check Product Guide for exact product dimensions

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