On-Line Shelving Accessories

Customize your On-Line Shelving unit with Schaefer's selection of accessories. You can add Wortables to increase work space at assembly line area, casters for greater mobility and flexibility, or top caps to protect workers reaching top levels. Available in stock, ready to ship for fast and quality service.

Stock Number W" x D" x H" Shelves Extra Information Load Capacity Price Qty
$3.00  add to cart
$5.10  add to cart
8 Casters $67.00  add to cart
Top Cap $1.00  add to cart
39 16 Worktable 100 lbs. $137.00  add to cart
48 16 Worktable 100 lbs. $146.00  add to cart
50 16 Worktable 100 lbs. $150.00  add to cart
8 Set of 4 Casters $242.00  add to cart

*Product Dimensions given are approximate values. Please check Size Chart for exact dimensions.
**Load capacity based on UDL, Uniformly Distributed Load.